Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tip #299: 5 Animal-Themed Treats to Support National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Did you know April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day?

When there’s a national holiday celebrating everything from potato chips to “talking like a pirate,” it may be difficult to take these holidays seriously. When you find a holiday that speaks to your heart, however, it can create an opportunity for you and your business to support a cause that you may not have otherwise thought would make sense for a candy business.

If helping our furry friends find a forever home makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, consider making these fun animal-themed treats as a way to raise funds for shelter animals in your local community.
Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

Chocolatey Critters
Use your strengths to create fun and creative confections inspired by the critters that melt our hearts. Moonstruck Chocolate Co. of Portland, Oregon has become famous for their four-piece “Critter Truffle Collection,” which consists of handmade truffles resembling a bunny, cat, mouse and none other than a chocolate lab.

kidsactivitiesblog.com and Pinterest

DIY (Decorate-It-Yourself) Dog & Cat Cookies
It will be raining dog and cat-lovers in your candy shop if you invite families to decorate their own chocolate-covered sandwich cookies like their favorite pets, in exchange for a donation to your local animal shelter. Click here for an easy step-by-step tutorial to make these cute cats by kidsactivitiesblog.com.

Party Animal Crackers
Animal crackers hold a special place in the heart of both kids and kids-at-heart, but when coated in chocolate that’s a game changer. When sold in small portions, these make great birthday party favors or a fun snack. Consider donating a portion of your sales of chocolate-covered animal crackers to a charity that serves animals.

Handmade Charlotte

Candy Bar Pups
These treats are so doggone cute, we couldn’t resist sharing! Although these are made using a Twix candy bar for the body, a Tootsie Roll for the ears and a Hershey Kiss for the head, you may be inspired to use other products that you make and sell in your own store. Click here to view the tutorial.
Pet-Friendly Dipped Treats
We all know chocolate isn’t safe for pets, however, RCI members, Boehm’s Candies Chocolates of Issaquah, Washington  and Bomboy’s Home Made Candy of Havre De Grace, Maryland sell special dog treats made with safe alternatives that don’t contain actual chocolate. Boehm’s Candies offers 1.5-ounce dog treats dipped in peanut butter or white confectionery coating, while Bomboy’s Home Made Candy of Havre De Grace, MD sells Vanilla-Dipped Dog Bones for man’s best friend.

Sharing your animal-themed treats on social media are sure to catch people’s attention, especially if they’re not what your followers are used to seeing from you. Use this opportunity to tell your community about National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and how they can show their support—by donating, adopting or volunteering (contact your local shelter for more ideas specific to your area). Encourage your followers to share your post with their animal-loving friends, and even if they don’t visit your store, at least your efforts will help create awareness about a cause that is important to you.

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