Thursday, September 16, 2010

George's Candy

Everybody loves the macaroons at George's!

This is the last stop on the tour days during the 2010 Fall Regional Institute. Join us at upcoming events! Find more information at

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Shriver's Salt Water Taffy

Shriver's was est. in 1898 and they learned that taffy, fudge, caramel popcorn and mint rolls were great sweets to make along the coast. High temperatures and humidity does not lend itself well to chocolate making.

Shriver's coined the name 'salt water taffy' and that is still a signature item. They pull 50 pounds at a time.

Cooking, pulling and wrapping are the three steps to making taffy.

They operate a gelato shop next door offering a cool treat in the summer sun.

They pipe chocolate designs and decorate them with non-pareils to create delicate decorations.

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Lucille's Own Make Candies

Janice, the third generation chocolatier in the family, welcomed us to Lucille's in Manahawkin, New Jersey.

Second generation chocolatiers, Larry and Ginger keep the retail store running, fix machines and run errands for the company.

The retail store features long candy cases of chocolate jellies, creams, caramels, clusters, bark and nuts. They sell whole blocks of chocolate to customers, too.

The starch room houses crackers, pretzels and all the items that need to stay dry with little exposure to humidity.

Their signature butter creams are made in house. The cutter, bottomer, coated and cooling table facilitate fast and continuous production. They make over 5,000 pounds of finished butter creams each year.

Fourth generation family member, Katherine, oversees quality control and packing.

Their other location makes hollow chocolate molds.

We had a great time on the tour!

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James' Candy

The 5th floor production area produces peanut butter chews and taffy, their signature pulled treats sold at five local stores and in their other stores along the coast.

Automated taffy puller

Pulling machine

Production runs smoothly if the wrapping machines are working!

Food safety traceability sheet

Their production schedule is clearly posted so all employees can see it. As many as sixty employees work in the historic building (which doubles as the production facility) each Christmas.

Taffy gets wrapped, sorted into bags, stuffed into boxes, date stamped, wrapped in a final cello seal, put into cartons and loaded on palettes.

Making enrobed chocolate

They use one tunnel for two entombing machines. The white chocolate enrober is set up on one end of the tunnel and when the demand for production changes, the belt in the cooling tunnel reverses to run milk chocolate covered confections.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awards banquet

Bob Anderson entertained us with beach-themed acoustic guitar music during the casual banquet dinner.

Dinner was salad, lobster, scallops, sausage, scallops, corn on the cob, pasta, chicken finished with chocolate and ice cream and coffee.

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The Atlantic City boardwalk leads to IT'SUGAR, a retail franchise specializing in nostalgic, major branded candy.

Islands of candy separated candy balls, gummies and sours.

Their largest gummy beat is 9" tall!

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Giambri's favorites

They make and wholesale chocolate covered pretzels with over 50 different toppings.

Their caramel filled waffles are divine!!

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Giambri's Quality Candy in Clementine, NJ

They make a fantastic wintergreen or teaberry candy cane treat using a traditional pulled method shaped by hand covered with leather gloves on a canvas board. The gas heat keeps the candy soft and easy to work with during the process.

He evens out the stripes and shapes it on a rotating canvas bed.

The finished piece is cut by hand and formed into a candy cane on a wooden hook mold.

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