Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolates

Bissinger's is a St. Louis tradition.

Their store has recently moved about six blocks to a newer, higher trafficked location offering wine, tea and coffees paired with chocolates. They have become a great place for families to visit and a great 'date night' stop.

The shelves feature some of their top sellers like dried fruits half dipped in chocolate, chocolate covered blueberries (similar to chocolate covered cherries), and more decadent delights!

Beautifully packaged confections for fall.

An African dark chocolate is a new item that has been very well received.

A snapshot of their sample plate features their own gummies made with a consistent base in flavors like apricot green tea, pomegranate, lemon Ginger yuzu to name a few. They are a fine food lovers delight!

This snapshot shows their signature wine grape that had been raisined and covered in chocolate. It's wonderful followed by a merlot salt caramel, Chardonnay salt caramel or margarita salt caramel. To see more photos or to order these treats, go to

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baileys' Chocolate Bar

The chocolate weekend continues...
Baileys' Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square specializes in chocolate martinis and chocolate desserts. All selections begin with mini chocolate chip cookies as the amuse bouche.

The tiramisu martini is 'martini yum'!

The Sexual Martini brought smiles all around this group-lol!

The Blondie Brownie is topped with chocolate chips and pecans with decadent vanilla ice cream.

The Brownie Royale is not for the faint at heart! It's a Baileys' Split on top of a brownie with whipped cream, nuts, caramel and chocolate- a decadent delight!

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Location:St Louis, MO

Kakao Chocolate

Brian and Melanie Pelletier and their staff welcomed us to Kakao Chocolate.

Brian hosted a chocolate tasting party in their working kitchen.

The sea salt caramels and bacon brittle were favorites.

The marshmallow pie was divine!

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Location:St. Louis, MO

Lake Forest Confections

Lake Forest Confections is a mainstay in St Louis.

The store has a heritage that is decades old.

Lake Forest Bakery closed next door to the candy store. After so many customers came in to Lake Forest Confections looking for baked goods, the candy store decided to add baked goods to their product line.

The Lake Forest version of the rocky road confection.

NEW peppermint truffles just debuted this week!

The decorations are handmade by artisans in the shop.

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Location:St Louis, MO

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Fountain on Locust

Joy, the owner of the Fountain, is said to have painted the art deco murals on the walls at the restaurant wrapping around the ice cream counter and chocolate confections case.

The lunch crowd just left (we missed the photo because we lingered after lunch sampling chocolates and ice cream).

The chocolate case features some of their own seasonal confections plus favorites from Asher's and Sanders, both RCI wholesale members.

The ticket for lunch came with cranberry fudge bits- the perfect way to end a meal!

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Location:St Louis, MO

Crown Candy

Crown Candy is well-known in St Louis for their BLT sandwich with a half a pound of bacon washed down with sweet malts and shakes followed by chocolates for dessert.

The candy case at Crown has been the same for decades.

Their giant molded Santa shares the Christmas spirit.

Licorice is a timeless treat.

Molded pops are popular in the fall, too.

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Location:St Louis, MO