Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tip #301: 5 Ways to Attract & Retain Great Employees

“Cultivating a powerhouse team is key to the success of any business,” said Denise Kestner of ClearPath HR, a presenter at RCI’s 2018 Annual Convention & Industry Expo. Even the most successful businesses are on the lookout for ways to better ensure the right candidates are hired to join their teams. Keep reading as RCI member, Rebecca Craig of Marie’s Candies, shares what she learned from Denise’s presentation.
Lead with Culture
During interviews, skip the complete company history as your intro. Instead begin by sharing benefits that are unique to our organization and appealing to potential candidates. If you offer an exceptional employee culture, that’s a great place to start. If your company history is important to you, stick to the highlight reel.

Start with Why
When crafting role descriptions for an open position, grab candidates' attention in a way that will attract people who share your purpose and values. Click here to check out Simon Sinik’s TED Talk based on his book, Start with Why. 

Be Creative with Benefits
Health insurance, life insurance, retirement, vacation, and etc. are important, but people also value fun things like popsicle breaks during the summer, fun birthday celebrations or even Manicure Fridays.

Try Working Interviews
“A working interview gives the employer a chance to see the applicant’s skills in action," according to employment solutions provider, Friday Staffing. "This arrangement can benefit both parties. Candidates get to see if they like the job. Hiring managers get to see how well the candidate will actually perform in the position. Not only does the working interview give the employer an opportunity to assess the work, but it also gives the job seeker an opportunity to ‘try out’ the job that they will be performing and to get a feel for the office culture.”

Don’t Stop Recruiting
Seek out the server at the restaurant who is passionate about the menu, the teller at the bank, who goes above and beyond to help and approach them about joining your team. You never know where you might meet your next rock star team member!

Give these tips a try and see how they impact your company culture! We want to know what great tips you have for cultivating talent within your business! Share in the comments below.

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