Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tip #114: Promote Wedding Favors In Your Store

Rheo Thompson Candies (Taken at RCI 2012 Fall Regional)
Wedding season is just a few months away which is what brought this week’s tip to mind. If you offer wedding or party favors, create a space in your store to let customers know!
By having a small display in your store of the types of favors available as well as the unique ways they can be packaged, you can easily showcase your offerings and potentially bring in additional revenue year-round by providing favors at events of all kinds.
You could even take it one step further and providing a pricing sheet. Some RCI members have a ‘menu’ of items that customers can take with them that lists what’s available as well as the prices associated with each item. Be sure to offer customized options as well – you never know what creative idea may spark a new product or offering you could add to your menu!

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  1. Thanks you so much for sharing your great blog for wedding favors ideas. Its really very helpful post.


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