Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tip #117: Post Photos on Facebook

Are you looking to get your customers and fans more engaged on Facebook?
According to this infographic from Kissmetrics, a blog focused on marketing analytics, photos get 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs than posts that include just text or links. That is a huge difference!
Ideas for posting pictures include:
·     Production– let them feel like they’re behind-the-scenes of a candy store
·     Product– remind fans how beautiful and delicious your chocolates and candies are and they may meet a temptation they just can’t resist
·     Promotions – create great images highlighting promotions and sales happening in your store
·     People – make it personal by posting photos of your staff and customers
This is just another great reason for investing in quality photos just like we mentioned in Tip # 67!

**If you’ve visited RCI’s Facebook page, you know that we love to post photos from RCI events and education courses. Check out photos from last year’s Annual Convention & Industry Expo and then visit retailconfectioners.org/annual to get registered for the 2014 Annual Convention & Industry Expo in St. Louis this June. The expo is FREE to confectionery industry professionals and full registration for the convention covers education sessions, some meals, networking receptions, behind-the-scenes tours and an awards banquet. It’s a week you don’t want to miss!

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