Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tip #80: Choose One Message with Email Marketing Specials

When you send emails to customers, are you providing product specials, promos and coupons? If so, pay close attention to this week’s tip to choose one message with email marketing specials.

According to RCI partner Constant Contact, you should only provide one choice for ‘Click Here to Buy Now’ in your emails. Oftentimes, business owners create an email with multiple offers thinking that the more offers available, the higher the likelihood that the reader will select one. However, in research by Constant Contact, they found that response rate is much higher from readers when they don't have as many choices to select from.

Therefore, when crafting your marketing emails, select one message you would like to convey. For example, if you are aiming to promote your ice cream, make the entire email about ice cream. Consider including customer comments, tips for ice cream toppings and inclusions, links to order online and one special promotion. Be sure to include great pictures but bear in mind that some email providers automatically block images so test that the email message is conveyed even if images are not displayed. Make the promotion or special very clear by providing the link multiple times once within the email.

If you are using an email provider such as Constant Contact, you will be able to immediately see the response from your readers. Monitor statistics such as how many people opened your email and even see exactly which links were clicked on most by readers. Of course, the loudest statistic will be the number of promotions or specials purchased through the links within the email.

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