Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tip #88: Increase Caramel Apple Value with Packaging

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, it’s almost fall which means it’s time for caramel apple madness for most candy makers. This classic fall treat has been a favorite since its creation in the 1950s. This week’s tip is to take time to evaluate how you package your caramel apples.

As with any confection, packaging plays a large part in how your customers view your products’ value. Therefore, it’s safe to assume it’s the same with your caramel apples. Whether you are making the “typical” caramel dipped apple or coating your apples in various toppings such as nuts and chocolate drizzles, selecting the right packaging will create even more value for your customers.

One of the best options we’ve seen used for packaging caramel apples is a small box that protects the apple, stands easily for display and has a plastic cut-out for customers to view the apple.  Oftentimes candy makers will place the apple in a plastic bag and tie a large seasonal bow at the top; however, while an apple covered in nuts is probably safe in this type of packaging, the caramel of other apples will become stuck to the plastic. While the flavor is not compromised, the presentation definitely is which is reflected in the value perceived by your customers. Looking for more ideas? Do a quick internet search for images under ‘caramel apple packaging’ to get your creative juices flowing.

So, take a few moments to evaluate your caramel apple packaging this fall. Remember, the value your customers perceive is directly related to the price they are willing to pay for your products.

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