Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tip #87: Partner with Local Schools

This week we've got a great tip to help you expand your brand’s reach in your area: partner with local high schools and universities to create products using their colors and/or logos for sports teams and other extracurricular activities.

Because logos and mascots are typically trademarked, we suggest first talking with a representative from your local schools to request permission for use. If you receive permission, the possibilities are limitless, from using transfers of their logo on chocolates and truffles to using the logo or mascot on product packaging just to name a few applications.

If you’re not able to use logos and mascots, there are still opportunities for expanding your reach by using the color schemes. By pairing confections with the colors (i.e. red and white jelly beans) you can still create a fun display area to encourage support of your local elementary and high schools and universities.

Looking for how you will get the word out once you have these great themed products for purchase? Connect with your local Parent Teach Associations (PTA), even providing them with coupons and fliers to distribute at their meetings or via their email distribution list. Additionally, you could send mailers and get in contact with fraternities and sororities at your local university or college.

If you have additional ideas or success stories for partnering with local schools, please leave a comment below!

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