Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tip #62: Personalized Chocolate Eggs for Easter

Are you looking for a new product to debut this Spring and Easter season? Extremely popular Easter items for many of our members are personalized Easter eggs. Parents and grandparents love to put their kids and grandkids names on the eggs, making it an annual tradition for many. You can buy egg moulds in a variety of sizes. Bonus: Buy hollow moulds and give your customers the chance to fill their eggs with even more treats from your store!

For the best adherence when personalizing items, use chocolate on chocolate and compound coating on compound coating. Sometimes when using a compound coating on chocolate the message will not adhere and it will fall off so be extra aware and cautious.  Make a small decorating bag out of parchment paper to do your writing and try to do as many as possible at one time.

Have fun decorating chocolate Easter eggs!

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