Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tip #61: How to Properly Clean Your Moulds

Now that you’re finished with those Valentine’s Day moulds, it’s time to clean and put them away until the next holiday season. Be sure to follow these steps courtesy of RCI associate supplier member Tomric Systems, Inc. to take the best care of your moulds:

Because moulds are made of plastic, upkeep is minimal. At the end of the season, moulds need to be washed, well rinsed, dried and stored in a cool, dry location. If maintained, the moulds will have a shiny finish and release a nicely glossed piece of chocolate.
  • Wipe with soft cloth in clear, warm water.
  • DO NOT use an abrasive cleanser. If moulds become coated with cocoa butter, wash with a mild grease-cutting detergent. Use detergent sparingly and avoid scratching the inside surface of the moulds.
  • Rinse in clear, cool water.
  • Dry and store in a cool location.
  • Use moulds at room temperature.

Find additional mould care resources on Tomric Systems, Inc.’s website.

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