Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tip #271: Ship Gift Baskets Like A Boss

Who doesn't love a great gift basket? Not only are they fun and interactive for the recipient, as they discover each different element carefully tucked inside, but for the retailer they encourage increased customer spending. Have you ever thought about shipping gift baskets? Follow these basic instructions, curated from RCI’s past Merchandising Essentials course and Rebecca Craig of Marie’s Candies, to ensure your gift basket arrives intact.

  1. First, shrink wrap the gift basket to keep items in place. For aesthetic purposes, wrap gift basket in cello next.
  2. Next, get a box appropriately sized for the basket, which should be approximately three to four inches larger than the basket to protect both the product and basket during shipping. Fold down any additional cello at the top of the basket to decrease the size of the box needed for shipping.
  3. Place the basket into the center of the box and begin filling with packing materials until the basket fits securely in the box. Fold the lid closed and secure with tape.
  4. If you are shipping chocolate during warm weather or to a warmer climate, include an ice pack of some sort. Always place ice packs in a resealable plastic bag to ensure nothing will leak onto your product if it would happen to break in the shipping process. Place ice pack as close to the product as possible. Secure the box with packaging tape box and it's ready for shipping.

An eye-catching gift basket may look great on a shelf or display table, but if you don't package your gift basket properly, it is likely to transform into a jumbled mess after it's been shipped across the country or even across town. Before offering this service to paying customers, try testing it out on a friend or family member first.

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