Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tip #264: Celebrate Christmas in July

Do stagnant summer sales leave you longing for Christmas (well, maybe, minus the crazy schedule)? If so, you’re not alone. Blame it on the heat, summer vacations and the lack of major holidays, if you’re in the retail industry it’s no surprise summer is likely going to be a slow season (unless your business is in a tourism location).

A summertime spin on Christmas, could be a great opportunity for your business to heat things up this summer! Get the most out of your Christmas in July promotions by meeting these three objectives.

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You wouldn’t expect to hear Christmas carols or see Santa posing for photos in board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt in the peak of summer. Make your business stand out by hosting a Christmas party in July, complete with a sampling of your favorite Christmas treats, giveaways, live music and Santa in his vacation attire.

A study published by Adobe Digital shows repeat customers spend 25% more per transaction during the holiday rush, compared to a new customer who spends only 15% more during the holiday season.To help convert new customers into return customers, CaffeineInteractive.com suggests offering those who make a purchase during your Christmas in July promotion, a discount on future purchases between Black Friday and New Year’s Day. Consider keeping a separate email list for these customers, to send them a coupon just before Black Friday.

Celebrate loyal customers by throwing a Christmas-themed customer appreciation party or offering a free gift for shopping in July. Shopkeep recommends inviting loyal customers to a flash sale in their honor and offering additional incentives for bringing a friend. Spread the word by sending invitations with details via email or snail mail.

Creating memorable shopping experiences for new and return customers may help pad more than just your summer sales. Kathy Allen of the National Retail Federation told USA Today, “When the holiday season does come, maybe that person who had a wonderful experience shopping in July remembers to come back, and will spend their holiday dollars there, or their Halloween dollars or their birthday dollars.” Do you celebrate Christmas in July? If so, share your ideas in the comments below.

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