Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Candy Hack: Avoid This Salty Situation

Image courtesy of Flickr and Vegan Feast Catering
The combination of salty and sweet makes chocolate-covered pretzels a popular treat any time of the year. Save yourself from creating a salty mess in your chocolate and in your cooling tunnel. Before enrobing pretzels in chocolate, dump them on a cooling rack, placed over a tray, to catch the excess salt. This simple tip will save time and money from extra cleaning needed for your equipment as well as the need to replace salty chocolate.
Photo courtesy of PinkCakePlate.com

Encourage seasonal interest by adding nonpareils or colored coatings to tie in with a merchandising display or holiday theme. Add a punch of patriotism for 4th of July and Labor Day with red, white and blue sprinkles and colorful striping with red and blue confectionery coatings.

Photo courtesy of  MakeBakeCelebrate.com
Just as easy as changing the colors of your sprinkles, you can switch gears for fall by incorporating these chocolate-covered pumpkin pretzels into your product lineup. These festive pretzels are almost too cute to eat!

Looking for more inspiration for your chocolate-covered pretzels? Try HalfBakedHarvest.com’s recipe for
Chocolate-Covered Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels and take salty and sweet next level! However delicious it may be, you will definitely want to use this week’s tip on this recipe!

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