Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tip #121: Perform a Technology Audit

Is the technology at your company helping or hindering productivity? This week’s tip is to take some time to perform a technology audit to determine how it is working and also how it can be improved.
Not sure where to start? Unless you have a skilled IT professional on your staff, you will likely need to hire someone to help you through the process and make recommendations that best fit your company size and goals. The following points are from the SCORE website as items to be sure you consider during a technology audit:
·     Information Security
·     Training your staff so that they’re using technology as efficiently and securely as possible
·     Your future needs and what current/developing technologies will help meet them.
·     What is not working right now or what could work better?
We also found this checklist as well as this step by step guide that will help you get started.
Be sure to include your staff in the process as they are in the trenches and can provide some great insight as to what is and is not working in terms of technology and processes. While a technology audit is an investment, it has the potential to provide a large return if you take the time to do it well.

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