Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tip #57: Get a Generator for Back-up Power

No electricity. It can happen to anyone, right? Whether it’s 100 degrees outside and the AC units get overheated, or it’s 10 degrees outside and you lose power due to a snow or ice storm, no power can be detrimental for chocolate and candy makers. So this week’s tip is to invest in a generator for your business so you have access to back-up power.

Generators are gas or diesel-powered devices, which provide temporary electrical power. Whether it means keeping your store cool so chocolates don’t melt or keeping the tempering machine running so your employees can keep making product to fill shelves at Christmas-time, having a back-up generator is sure to save you a potential headache.

So, how do you choose a generator for your business?

  1. The type of generator you want depends on the purpose. Portable generators are good for providing relatively small amounts of electricity for remote use or back-up systems. Learn some of the basics of generators at FindGenerators.net.
  2. Take your existing power availability into account for larger models of generators (tip: check your electricity bill to get an idea of the power you use). Consider things like power output, maintenance and fuel costs when deciding which generator is best for your business.
  3. View a video and in-depth buying guide covering generator types, features, and wattage requirements at Consumer Reports.
  4. Find generator usage tips here, and then check out safety and related generator information at Red Cross, including buying the right model for your utility restrictions, proper maintenance and refueling tips.
Now, if you lose power, you (and your chocolates) won’t be left out in the cold (or heat)!

If you have tips or experience with buying generators for your business, share them with fellow readers in the comments below.

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