Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tip #26: Shipping Chocolate and Candy in Warm Weather

It is officially summer now and many chocolate and candy stores choose not to ship their products in warm weather. Whether it’s because the cost of shipping in heat is prohibitive for their customers or because they don’t want to risk their products melting in transit, it’s completely understandable. However, we also know that many stores continue to ship in warm weather. If you are considering shipping your product, here are a few tips we’ve learned from our members that may help protect the quality of your products:

  • Choose a packing box large enough to surround the product with ice packs and bubble wrap.
  • Consider using styrofoam insulated boxes.
  • Place the ice packs at the bottom of the box, not on top.
  • If you aren’t using non-sweating ice packs, wrap the ice packs in newspaper to absorb the moisture.
  • Wrap the product package in bubble wrap to protect it.

Do you have additional tips and tricks for shipping in warm weather? Please leave a comment to share below.

Our April/May/June 2011 Kettle Talk newsletter magazine had an article on shipping in warm weather. RCI members can click here to view a PDF of the issue (turn to page 13).

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