Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 3 Hilliard's House of Candy

Day 3: The last day of tours on the RCI New England Chocolate Tours

Chocolate Pops!

Starting the tour day at Hillards House of Candy in Easton, MA.

Ice cream at 11am is divine! Taste testing all day is such hard work!

The packing wheel slowly rotates so the assorted boxes can by hand-packed by Cheryl

Hillards House of Candy

Attendees having a great time

Charlie, the owner, giving the Behind-the-Scenes tour

Kahlua Truffles

Learning to make peppermint cremes. After they set, they will be enrobed in chocolate.

Making nut clusters with a fork.

Hillards historic signature flagship store.

Hang bagging non pareils

The store interior speaks of Judy's style.

Ice Cream display

Hillards dipping machine keeps the chocolate tempered and ready to use for dipping.

Making chocolate covered cherries - my favorite fruit serving!

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