Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tip # 192: Make your Favorite Summer Treats Pop!

Pop Rocks Truffles from Love & Olive Oil, Patrotic Strawberries from Our Best Bites,
Firecracker Bark from Not Your Momma's Cookie
Get things poppin’ this summer with the surprising addition of Pop Rocks® to your favorite summer recipes! Put a little unexpected zing into your truffles or sprinkle on top of chocolate-covered potato chips, chocolate-covered strawberries, barks or really anything, by incorporating this fun and festive candy into your Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day celebrations! The fun nature of the Pop Rocks makes these products great to sample during busy traffic days or promote on social media.

Keep in mind, Pop Rocks may react to the water content found in heavy cream or other ingredients used in the above recipes. To avoid this, simply coat the Pop Rocks in cocoa butter to protect the “pop” until it hits consumer’s mouths!

Pop Rocks® is a registered trademark of Zeta Espacial SA.
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