Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tip #166: Candy Hack: Using Lecithin in Caramel Corn

Image Credit: Dan's Homemade Candies

If your caramel corn sticks together and becomes difficult to separate, adding lecithin will help. Randy Hofberger of R&D Consultants advises mixing lecithin with a little oil and adding this mixture at the end of your caramel corn recipe. This will help the caramel spread apart easier and save you the hassle of manually pulling it apart. 

Allergy Alert! It is advised that individuals with soy allergies do not consume products that contain lecithin. Although lecithin is a byproduct of soy, there is always a chance soy protein will find its way into lecithin. Lecithin derived from sunflower or canola are more allergy-friendly alternatives to soy. 

Don’t cry over spilled lecithin.
Resist the urge to clean spilled lecithin with a damp cloth or spray cleaner, which will only gump up and make it worse. Instead, cover the spill with sugar and it will clean right up.

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  1. Hello. Need to know which oil can soy lecithin be mixed with to add to caramel popcorn. And is it to be added to the caramel recipe or over caramelised popcorn?

    Thanks a lot.


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