Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tip #106: Get Your Office Organized

Welcome to 2014! We hope you had a great time bringing in the New Year!

This week’s tip is to get your office organized. You’ve just been through a mad holiday season and orders and receipts were flying left and right. Now that December is behind us and before Valentine’s Day is upon us, it’s time to get your office organized again. We’ve found some great office organizing tips on Pinterest!

Organize the Papers on Your Desk with Labeled Folders

Use Clipboards to Organize Items You Need to Access Easily

Create Moodboards for Upcoming Merchandising/Packaging

Get Those Unruly Cords in Order

One last thing - get a labelmaker. We talked about this fantastic tool in Tip #7 and still think it will change your organizing life.

P.S. If you are heading to the Philly Candy Show this weekend, stop by the RCI booth and meet the staff! Be sure to mention you read the Tip of the Week blog!

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