Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tip #28: Taste Test Your Products for Flavor Consistency

Are you tempted to eat your chocolates as you walk by the packaging line? We have a great reason for you not to avoid the temptation to be a frequent taste tester of your products: quality and consistency. As the owner or manager of your candy store, you want to have complete confidence that the products you are selling are not only delicious, but that that they are the same level of quality and flavor each time.

Your customers expect that when they purchase a box of toffee this week and then come back a month later that they will be purchasing a product just like what they purchased before. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you regularly taste your candies to be sure they not only meet your standards but that they don’t change in flavor.

If you have a quality control manager, having a consistent taste testing program would be a great thing for him or her to oversee. The frequency for taste testing may vary depending on how often you produce a particular product but at least weekly would be the minimum recommendation.

You’ve taken the time to achieve a great flavor so take the time to be sure it’s consistently the same great flavor your customers have come to expect.

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