Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tip #9: Who Said That? Using Google Alerts

Whether you like it or not, people are talking about your business online. Be sure you’re aware of any online coverage your business receives by setting up Google Alerts. Using this free tool, you will be alerted via email when your business name shows up in Google results.

You don’t have to have a Google account to use this free tool. To get started, just visit In the search query field enter the search term you would like to be alerted of. For the purposes discussed here, enter your business name in this field. You must create one alert at a time but you can create multiple alerts (i.e. one for your business name and one for your signature product’s name).

Next choose the type of alerts you would like to receive. You can choose everything or you can specify you’d only like to receive alerts of blogs, videos, etc. Next you’ll select how often and if you would like only the best results or all results sent to you. Now, type in the email address you would like to have the alert sent to and click “create alert”.

Now you can be in the know when your business is being talked about online!

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