Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Chocolate Bar

Near Rice University, The Chocolate Bar is in an upscale shopping area friendly to pedestrians.

The store offers cakes, cookies, brownies, coffee, ice cream and chocolate to shoppers.

This retail location (one of two in Houston) encourages group gatherings, parties and even live jazz music and dancing on Thursday nights.

The store offers unique packaging ideas.

These chocolate bricks look like a solid piece of gold!

The 'design your own bar' is popular for chocolate pizzas, too.

'Every hour is happy hour' at the Chocolate Bar!

Candylicious is a whole different area of the store offering nostalgic sweets to kids of all ages.

Birthday cakes are a special treat! Made with a styrofoam base, these larger-than-life numbers are covered with candy making an inside-out piƱata.

The Chocolate Bar adapted their products to make mini treats like these.

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