Thursday, September 16, 2010

James' Candy

The 5th floor production area produces peanut butter chews and taffy, their signature pulled treats sold at five local stores and in their other stores along the coast.

Automated taffy puller

Pulling machine

Production runs smoothly if the wrapping machines are working!

Food safety traceability sheet

Their production schedule is clearly posted so all employees can see it. As many as sixty employees work in the historic building (which doubles as the production facility) each Christmas.

Taffy gets wrapped, sorted into bags, stuffed into boxes, date stamped, wrapped in a final cello seal, put into cartons and loaded on palettes.

Making enrobed chocolate

They use one tunnel for two entombing machines. The white chocolate enrober is set up on one end of the tunnel and when the demand for production changes, the belt in the cooling tunnel reverses to run milk chocolate covered confections.

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